Map This Sweater’s
Global Journey, from
Design to You

Surprise, delight, and earn customers.
Invite them behind the scenes on the
design and making of your product line.

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This sweater’s story begins with its fabric. Woven from Grade A Italian cashmere, this luxurious piece has a warm, light, comfortable fit and feel.

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Our artisans hand-stitch each sweater. Every beautiful piece is like a gift, from the hands of a craftsman or woman, to your closet. Read more

724 reactions

Meet Antonio. You probably already know him from following @CashmereAddict, but in case you don’t, Antonio is the genius behind all @BeautifulBrand designs. Read more

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Top photographers like @GiuseppePodrazzo capture the elegance of each beautiful brand work of art. Read more

Tell Product Stories That Are Vivid, Visual, Engaging,
and Transparent


94% of Customers Prefer
Transparent Brands

Have you met the growing consumer demand for transparency?

Whether you’re just starting that journey or already
working on traceability with early supply chain partners,
Orma makes sharing your efforts with end customers
easier and more dynamic.


Orma Traces
Your Product Journey

The Orma suite of plug-and-play, customizable features
makes it easy to build interactive product stories for your
website in just a few clicks.

Begin your stories at the source: your product design
studio. Then add pictures, video, testimonials, product
visualizations, product information, and more to create an
immersive and dynamic online experience that customers
can explore, react to, and share.

Evaluate Performance

Evaluate Performance

The Orma analytics hub reveals how and where customers interact with and share your product
media, custom hashtags, and more. Parse the data either in aggregate or by product.

Sell-through friendly

Mobile Scan or Click Through

Your product journey should be simple to access
and shop from.

With Orma, customers can see and interact with your
product experience by clicking your website’s custom
Orma link or by scanning your unique Orma QR code
in-store. Then, they can use the ever-present ‘Buy Now’
button to review your product sale page and add to cart.
There’s also an Orma embed available for brands that
prefer a singular sales page experience.

Visual Impact

Zoom Out, Then Zoom In

The numbers are in. 70% of consumers want to know
the global impact of what they buy. Show them
with Orma.

Add your country or city of product design, materials
sourcing, and manufacturing to the product map so that
customers can trace your big picture product journey.
Then, fill out your supplier profile to let them zoom in
and meet the humans who carefully craft your line.

Use Orma’s Powerful Features to Drive Sales and
Enhance the Customer Experience

Product Experience Page

These lay at the heart of the Orma customer adventure. Easily customize yours with photos, sketches, and videos of your products being made, worn, used, or displayed and Orma’s timeline, map, or interactive media features.

Product Experience Page

In just two clicks, your customers can share your product media with their personal social network, spreading your custom hashtags and share messages far and wide.

Customer Reactions

Find out what customers think of each part of your product experiences with clear reaction emojis and public facing share numbers.

Global Footprint

Invite shoppers to see and explore your line’s global footprint using the Orma map feature.

Easy to shop

Stay focused on your goal – sales. The Orma experience embeds into your product listing page for easy cart adds at every turn.

Custom Product Status

Which moments are the most shareable in your product’s lifecycle? Sewing? Shaping? Photographing? Add custom statuses to make identifying these easier for your Orma team and customers.

Clear Analytics

See views, reactions, and shares by product, collection, or date. Then download the report data to study and share against sales and social metrics.

API Integration

Our engineers work closely with Orma Enterprise users to design and integrate custom APIs that sync neatly with popular PLMs and e-commerce tools.

Wholesale Link Tracking

Orma Wholesale users can easily generate individual vendor links to see exactly which buyers and stores accessed which product experience pages when.

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