Dallas-Area Tech Startup to Reveal the Real ‘Making-of’ Stories Behind Our Favorite Products and Brands

March 1, 2022 – Today, Dallas-based fashion tech startup, MakersValley, added a new innovation to its portfolio: Orma, a marketing tool suite for B2C consumer brands grounded in radical transparency and highly visual storytelling.

The timing of Orma’s launch is fitting. According to a recent report from The Consumer Goods Forum, a majority of global consumers surveyed believe product-producing companies don’t offer enough information about how their goods and operations impact various social, environmental, safety, and health issues. Orma presents a pathway forward for these brands to answer growing calls for transparency and accountability at every level of operations, including supply chain, workforce, and raw materials.

Orma achieves this by enabling brands to easily create Product Experience pages, or visual, dynamic, and most importantly, revealing online product stories for customers to explore and shop. Orma intends the brands to use these pages to communicate the real, insider stories of how the products their customers love came to life using product design sketches, factory insights, behind the scenes footage, and more. These, accented by a selection of plug and play features that illustrate the product’s development to market timeline, global supply chain map, etc., gives customers a deep, yet still shoppable, look at their favorite consumer goods.

Of Orma’s three co-founders – CEO Alessio Iadicicco, COO Tiffany Chimal, and CTO Babajide Okusanya – two, Iadicicco and Chimal, are locally based in Richardson. Despite location and time zone differences, the trio collaborated with teams spread across three different countries, for more than a year to realize Orma. Now that the tool suite is ready to debut, Iadicicco previewed how he expects it to revolutionize today’s omni-connected digital goods marketplace:

“Orma challenges the status quo of what we’ve been seeing in product transparency marketing. Thanks to the capabilities that it makes possible, brands no longer need dedicated teams of coders, writers, and photographers to tell unique, honest, and interesting product stories.
Orma enables any brand that’s doing it right to bring customers along their product journey every step of the way, for maximum accountability in a way that customers can see, understand, and ultimately, buy from.”

Companies can try Orma on a seven-day free trial by signing up at OrmaApp.com. Users who do so this Spring 2022 can opt into special introductory plan pricing, nearly two-thirds lower than regular Orma pricing. Visit OrmaApp.com to learn more.

About Orma

Imagine entering your favorite boutique or online marketplace and being instantly able to view the full, detailed stories of the products you’re seeing in front of you. In just a simple link click or real-life QR code scan, your device unlocks a wealth of rich product information that goes beyond instructions on a care label or a price tag. You’re revealing something much deeper that shows you through pictures and video how the products you’re seeing were made, which designers or artisans created them, and how they embody the values and mission of the brand that created them. This is the future of shopping with Orma.

Orma is the first-ever true traceability and transparency marketing tool for B2C consumer brands. Launched in March of 2022, Orma is on a mission to revolutionize the way consumer brands show, tell, and sell products and operations to customers and retail partners.

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